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Why Video?

14 Mar


If you’re a reader of our blog, you know we’ve explained the statistics of video promotion (online or otherwise) to death, however, have you thought about what rewards such a video could mean for your business?

Over 1 BILLION users visit Youtube each month! That’s about 15% of the population of the world!

Video is the most shared type of media on Facebook among its 750 million active members!

700 YEARS of video is watched every day on Youtube and 700 of those videos are shared on Twitter every minute! Since there are 271 active users on Twitter, that makes for quite an audience!

That being said, videos are incredibly useful for promoting your business. Online users aren’t just used to watching videos constantly, they love it! Take the video posted below. It doesn’t matter what it might be promoting, an exciting video can be used to promote practically anything. Let Dolphin Video Productions help plan your video and get you the promotion your product or service need!

This exciting video utilizes multiple angles to help tell a story. Throw your product in the dancers hand at the end and you’ve just found a great promotional tool!

There are four scientifically proven reasons the human brains respond so well to video:

#1: The Fusiform Facial area is a part of our brains that forces us to pay attention to faces. Use people in your video to help utilize that built in part of every viewers brain.

#2: Voice doesn’t just help relay information; a great voice can make your viewers excited, even if the subject is generally boring. Our producers can help choose the best voice for your video.

#3: Emotions are contagious and body language can help convey those emotions as well. Humans just love to share certain emotions and viewing them can help your business seem more pleasant, inviting and fun!

#4: This one might seem obvious, however its still very important. Movement grabs (and keeps) peoples attention. The more movement in your video, the more it can grab a persons attention, even from a distance.


Dont waste another day without a great video to promote your company! Contact Dolphin Video today for a quote!


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Our Beginning

07 Oct

Dolphin Video has a highly skilled team of experienced videographers, directors, audio specialists, editors, and designers. Each one is a variable jack-of-all-trades and play a part in the team effort of completing the wide variety of tasks that Dolphin is hired to complete. Read on to learn about each team member’s skills and past accomplishments. Check out our profiles and expertise on Meet the crew page.

Morgan Tyner is the owner and a certified HD final cut editor from UCLA film extension school, Moviola in Hollywood. He has been editing for 15 years at several companies in the Arizona valley, as well as working as a freelance cameraman for various companies before starting Dolphin Video. I have worked on several productions including broadcasting for talk shows as well as training productions for the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles.  I have and spearheaded every project Dolphin has ever take on and I’am constantly working to expand my multi-media and production skills.

Matthew Lefler and Miguel Cordova are my other cameraman

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For those who don’t know, green screens can be used to place a person (or people) into different scenarios or locations that are unavailable or financially improbable to film in. Green screen effects have been around for a long time. Check out this video below to learn just what Dolphin’s green screen skills can do to improve your potential video order.

GreenScreen Instructional video from Dolphin Video Productions on Vimeo.

Interested in learning more? Contact us and let us help you plan the perfect commercial/promo for you or your company.

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