Why Custom Video?

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Benefits of adding custom video to your website
Now more than ever, the ability to attract, engage and bring visitors back to your website is critical to the success of your company. If you are looking a creative way to get noticed and stand out from the competition, custom videos are a great option that provides many benefits to your website and company. This week we will be discussing some of the major benefits of adding a custom video to your website.

1. Encourage Regular Visits to Your Website
Getting someone to visit your website once is a good thing, getting them to come back over and over again is the best thing. Every time someone comes back to your website, it is an opportunity to expose them to your value propositions and encourage them to take specific buying actions. A great way to get people to regularly visit your website is to add exciting, engaging and useful videos that deliver your targeted message and provide value to viewers.

2. Increase Your Reach
Just as you can increase your reach by integrating your blog with social media networks, you can do the same with custom videos. By both sharing your video through your own social media networks and allowing visitors to share do the same through theirs, you create the opportunity for your video to go viral. Remember, post that video to your YouTube channel (Google loves YouTube videos) so you have an additional place to promote, and to get promoted.

Social Media is how you can really maximize your reach and how your video will get seen by consumers or businesses that might not have otherwise. If they video is truly engaging and has strong calls to action, that is going to result in an increase in new visitors to your website.

3. Drive Traffic to Your Website
Search engines LOVE new content, whether it is fresh copy, a new blog post, a press release, or a custom video. Every time you add content, your search engine rankings will see an uptick. So, why not go the extra mile and make that fresh content a custom video? You can even multiply the search engine bump by using targeted keywords (limit to 1-2) in the video title, tags and description. Don’t just add the video to your website, create a channel on YouTube (did we mention that Google owns YouTube) to really maximize the SEO benefit as the result of your video (make sure you use key words to promote on YouTube) being on multiple locations, with none of the duplicate content issues.
Plus, you can maximize the benefit of improved SEO by sharing the video through your social media networks.

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