Duplication Services

Aside from video production, Dolphin Video is also very skilled in converting and saving your old footage so you can enjoy it forever. Whether its digital video transfers to DVD, 8mm, Super8 movie film transfers, and DVD and VHS duplication, the Dolphin Video editors can handle it all. Do you have an old movie on film that you’d like to convert to DVD? Do you have vacation or event slides that you’d like converted into a classy and entertaining video? Dolphin Video can do all that and more. Just send the team an email with your footage and a short description of what you’d like to convert it to. If you’re unsure of what kind of footage you have, are unsure of the best transfer option, or want to do more with the footage aside from just transferring it, contact Dolphin Video today!
Once your video is transferred into a modern formant, there are many other options Dolphin offers to make sure you’re happy with your old/new video. With family reunion footage, wedding tapes, etc., you can purchase additional copies of DVDs for family and friends at a very affordable cost (and a great gift idea!). On top of that, all DVDs can be designed and printed to look like a professional, Hollywood-style boxed DVD. This means your DVD disc and case can be printed with a custom design that will make your video look like something you’d buy at the store. The Dolphin duplication facility can produce up to 700 copies, in-house; a professional looking DVD that is sure to impress!


DVDs have always been notorious for non-compatibility issues since their birth. When you purchase custom DVDs from Dolphin Video, you can be sure that it has the maximum compatibility available, allowing it to work with even older DVD players. Unfortunately, there will always be that slight chance of your player rejecting the DVD format. If that is the case, the Dolphin editors will be happy to remedy the issue with substitute formats to ensure that it plays well. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


If you would like to know more about our media duplication services, we’re just a quick email away!