Editing & Post Production

After filming is complete, we’ll take the footage back to our state of the art editing lab to edit, correct color, and anything else that your project requires. It’s common that unexpected opportunities or speed-bumps will come up during certain projects. Our team is ready to roll with the punches and come up with a final project that goes above and beyond your goals.


There are lots of ways we can author your project. Whether you’d like the finished product on a DVD, online, or for mobile devices; there are lots of ways our editor can compress and encode your video. From small projects best for online or distribution to larger productions fit for DVDs, we can export your video in a multitude of sizes and formats. If you’re unsure of the best way to encode your video, our editor can help you decide.

Editing & Graphics

Green screens, unique titles & designs, mattes, and other editing tools can help your video turn out as good as the ones you see on TV.

Silhouette of digital video camera in front of the green screen

Feel free to ask about certain techniques in order to see how they can improve your video.

Editing allows up to put together all of the best shots from your project and then assemble them into one cohesive story. This also includes color correction, effects, and animated text, which together can make your professional project come out perfectly. Dolphin Video’s editors are very experienced in all of those areas, if you work with them you can be sure the final product will turn out as great as possible.

Sound Editing

Sound editing is one of the most important part of assembling your project. Dolphin Video can fix audio recorded during production, add effects, music, and mastering. Mixing the audio correctly will ensure that your video sounds professional.

Dolphin Video is your multi-service company for any of your video production needs. The production team can hep you with script writing, talent selection, directing, lighting, shooting (one or more cameras), audio recording & set-up, voice-over work, music selection, and everything in between. Dolphin Video is here to make your video everything it can be.