Client testimonial videos

Smart companies create customer testimonials. Why? So their potential customers can hear from (and relate to) people just like them. They learn why they should buy a product and how it could be beneficial to solving their problems. Customer testimonials can do a fair bit of the legwork of marketing and a sales team, helping to convince leads and move them further through the funnel and closer to a closed deal.
But these days, customer testimonials need to be better, more engaging, more interesting than they ever have been before. Attention spans are short (only 8 seconds long!), and audiences want content in a format that they find engaging, human, and relatable.
A customer testimonial video entices your audiences, offers them a human story and a real person to connect with through voice, body language, emotion, and empathy. But what goes into a customer testimonial video? What are the secrets to crafting a strong video?
What is a customer testimonial?
First things first, let’s figure out what a customer testimonial video really is, and how it can be used. This type of video is an unbelievable tool for your customers as they’re trying to explore what your company offers as they progress through the journey. Don’t think you’re limited to using them in only one place or in one part of the marketing and sales funnel; these videos are useful in the early research stages as an introduction to what you do and why you’re valuable, as well as near the bottom of the funnel as a reiteration of your service and what other customers are getting from you.
I have created several of these videos in an interview style, making sure it had high production value that represented the Market brand well. They also included memorable sound bites, and jazzed it up with b-roll footage while highlighting the value proposition of the customer who was being interviewed. The other thing I included was sure to include was imagery of Market software on screen, so viewers would know what the product would look like when they used it themselves. The soundtrack and motion graphics were also used to create a compelling, almost cinematic feel—because when you’re talking to the best marketers in the world, you want a very polished experience and message that matches the level of the software you’re selling.
Pro Tip: The first tip is: keep your testimonial video under 2 minutes long. 90 seconds is usually the best and most effective length, with this optimal break-down:
• The first 30 seconds should establish who the customer is
• The next 30 seconds talking about the problem they faced
• During the final 30 seconds, discuss how your product solves their problem

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