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How to Help Your Video Go Viral with Five Key Elements

For video and other areas of digital media, competition is fierce. Having a video GO VIRAL is one way to launch yourself onto people’s radar, and it’s an excellent way to boost BRAND AWARENESS. But, how do you help your video go viral? After some experimenting, I’ve come up with several key components that should be present in your video to help it go viral, and I want to share them with you. 

1. Be Relatable
People LOVE a video that they can relate to, and they’re more prone to share something if they think it’ll resonate with someone else in their lives. Maybe this means that you angle your products or services toward a common problem people have. CONSIDER what your product or service would solve and build from there. 

2. Quality
If you had the choice to watch a video that looked like someone spent money and time to produce it against a lower quality video, which would you choose? People choose the higher quality video because it gives a better experience. INVEST the time to at least make your video look like it cost money and time to make even if it really didn’t cost you anything. 

3. Showcases a Viral Trend
Maybe there’s a new viral trend that everyone is talking about or featuring. If so, you can capitalize on this current interest and formulate your video around it. People will see your video and click it out of interest to the CURRENT TREND, and this can help you gain traction. 

4. Centers Around Fulfilling a Wish
A FEEL-GOOD STORY is not only relatable for some people, but people generally want you to succeed. They’re likely to click on a video that centers around fulfilling a wish you or someone has. The video could even fake something that we wish was real because people can relate to this as well and want to show other people. 

5. Utilizes Memes
Memes are immensely popular with people of all ages, and they’re something that people in all demographics can connect to. If your video is a little strange or centered around the power of memes, people could feel COMPELLED TO SHARE. They found it odd or enjoyable, and they want their friends to see it too. 

VIDEO MARKETING is a huge tool businesses can use to get and hold their clients’ attention, and viral videos have an even greater impact. These FIVE ELEMENTS can help you create the next big viral video to expand your brand’s reach and appeal to an entirely new audience.