Customer Testimonials Part 2

Who should you get on camera?
Now, you may be excited to start creating your own customer testimonials, but don’t jump in all willy-nilly and throw everyone you can get a hold of on camera. You can be strategic about it so you don’t waste your customers’ time or your own (or your budget!). I think there are three things to consider when choosing who to get on camera and whose story to focus on:

Choose a customer who has a tangible win with your product, including empirical evidence of what it gained them. It’s easier for your top salespeople to sell your product using your testimonial when there are strong metrics behind the story. If you want to sell to the executive level at any company, they will want to see the ROI of your product, and these metrics can help.
Industry leader:
If you can get a customer with name recognition, that will provide massive value as your enterprise salespeople use your testimonial to sell your product.
You may not have thought of this point during your planning stages, but it can be a deal breaker, so make sure legal teams have approved the use of the content and interviews, so you aren’t producing something that can’t be used.
My Professional Tip: When you’re creating your testimonial video, avoid showing multiple people at once. Instead, interview each person individually, and blend the segments together during the post-production phase. This way you can avoid what often happens when one person is talking in a group setting: someone always looks down at their shoes or simply looks unengaged.