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Know Your Video Statistics

VIDEO is very accessible, easy to consume and an ENGAGING way to capture your AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION for longer periods of time. A video contains a SIGNIFICANTLY LARGER amount of information than just TEXT and IMAGES.

“Pages with video(s) are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google.”

~Forrester Research

Video can easily:

  • Convey EMOTIONS
  • Show ACTIONS
  • Explain CONCEPTS
  • Visualize IDEAS

“80% of videos on the web are INFORMATIONAL VIDEOS.”

~World Tracker

According to MWP, online video now accounts for HALF OF ALL TRAFFIC on mobile devices alone, and 59% of SENIOR EXECUTIVES say that they will opt for video when given the choice between video and text.

“Videos have 41% HIGHER CLICK-THROUGH rate than plain text, and high CONVERSION rates and ROI on top of that.”


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