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8 Step Formula For Creating Great Sales Videos

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As with most everything that works, there are formulas and processes that you must follow for creating great videos. Today we will talk about the first four steps in creating a great sales video for your company.
Most viewers will watch anywhere from 5-10 seconds to see if they are interested in what you have, so you have that much time to capture their attention. You can do this through Humor, Facts, Quotes, a probing question or a promise. Find the way that most leads the viewer into the rest of your video.
2: Identify their problem
What is the big hairy problem that they are facing? Remember, the bigger the problem, the bigger the demand
3. Agitate their problem
Make the problem worse for them (in their minds) you don’t have to really upset them, just remind them of the problem and what it’s costing them not solving the problem.
4. Identify the solution
Obviously; you have the solution to their problem. Identify it for them; don’t make them put the dots together. Define the problem and your solution in an easy to follow formula so that they can say to themselves, “yes, this will work.”
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