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Storytelling Part One

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Storytelling Part One

Take a second and think about the last really great movie you watched. You most likely remember the plot, your favorite characters, and the conflict the movie centered around without missing a beat. Why are we able to do this? It’s the power that comes with great storytelling! 

Whether it’s a book, movie, or even a brand video, a powerful story is what sets memorable content apart from the forgettable. Hopefully, you’re already well aware of how using compelling storytelling can give a company a competitive advantage. You should also be aware of the dozens of other benefits that come with creating memorable brand awareness and loyalty from a good story. 

But, how do you formulate a powerful story, and how do you tell it in a way this is both engaging and emotional while captivating your audience? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set secret formula for perfecting the art of powerful storytelling. However, there are a few things that you can do to boost your next video’s storyline. Here, we’re going to big you the five biggest tips that we religiously follow to create captivating branded content for large and small businesses. These five tips are essential if you want your brand to stand out and catch your customers’ attention. 

1. Focus on Emotion
Do you want to know a secret? The emotion you choose to portray and invoke with your video doesn’t matter. It can invoke anger, warmth, sadness, joy, and more. As long as you take time to ensure that you communicate it effectively and authentically, it’ll resonate with your audience. 

 How do you effectively and authentically communication emotion through a video? First, you have to make sure that every aspect of your video from the script, visuals, subjects, actors to the lighting, music, and props convey the same emotion. The story development is the single most important piece to concentrate on here. 

 Take this video by HP for example. They start with a reliable premise, introduce a conflict element with an emotional punch, and they round out the story with an extremely satisfying and emotional ending. 

2. Change the Perspective
Although you most likely want to cover a lot in your video, you have to remember that you have an inherently biased perspective. No matter if you own the company or work there, your job is selling. Most of your customers won’t share this perspective. Keeping this in mind, flip the script. 

Approach your video as someone who knows nothing about your company, products, or services. Focus on telling your story in your video from your targeted audience’s perspective. If you’re trying to sell an interactive toy for children, tell it from the child’s perspective.

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