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Storytelling Part Two

Storytelling Part Two

It’s essential that you tailor your content to match your audience. If your audience is corporate and stuffy, you want to sound corporate and stuffy. However, most audiences want a natural and informal tone with a genuine voice. You want to use everyday vocabulary that the average person has no trouble understanding. This ties directly to our video perspective tip. You want to mimic your audience’s perspective, and mimicking their voice is the next natural step.

3. Consider Your Visuals
Video has a fantastic ability to tell a beautiful story without any sound or words. Using a spoken narrative or a voice-over can help. However, video can showcase strong and evocative visuals with or without sound. Take a look at the HP video above this post or the Comcast video below this post. What you see is a direct reflection of what you’re feeling.
To covey loneliness and emptiness, use a blank background with dark colors. To convey happiness and hope, use sunshine and bold, bright colors. The two main drivers of your stories are audio and visuals, and you want to use both of them to create a powerful impact.


4. Incorporate an Intelligent Use of Sound
It’s not possible to go over visuals without going over the sound! Your visuals are mostly limitless, but sound operates on more set variables. Your product will usually have sound happening on the screen, ambient noise, or a character talking (diegetic sound).

You want to consider how audio helps you tell your story. Basic ambient sounds or even silence allows your audience to focus their attention on the visuals. Just music without voice-over or dialogue can work to set your story’s mood. Incorporating narration allows you to tell a more realistic story. It’s great if you have a script, but it can be terrible if your script isn’t authentic or subtle.

Using a combination of these three types of sound creates engaging and dynamic videos. Experiment with your sound. No matter which one you choose, you’ll want a high-quality sound that adds elements to your story, and you want an experienced editor to pull it off.


Bottom Line
It doesn’t matter what type of video you set out to make, who your targeted audience is, or how long it is. Telling a cohesive and engaging story should be your primary goal. Good storytelling is critical for engagement, brand awareness, and conversions, as well as your brand’s reputation.

Keep everything from visuals and sound to tone, perspective, and emotion in your mind when you set out to create your next video. If you need help, get in touch! We can help you create a beautiful story from start to finish.

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