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Top 8 Ways that businesses should be using video

1. Introduce Yourself

Using both audio and visual stimulation in video makes describing complex concepts a lot easier and more importantly, easier to understand.

Try using a video on your website that outlines what you do and what problem you solve for your customer in less than 100 seconds. You’ll find this easier and more effective than cramming a bunch of words in a paragraph that people usually do not read

2. Share the Details of What You do

While one overview video on your website or social media is a great way to introduce people to your company and what you do, you’ll often need a little more description to win your audience over. A few, more detailed videos that explain the details of your product’s features or the different services you offer is a great way to provide more information and help your audience decide to buy.

3. Have testimonials

Get other people who love your product, service, or company on camera and do it now! It’s so much more effective than hearing you tout your own winning characteristics. And let me tell you: video testimonials are way, way, way more believable than:

“I can’t believe how great fishing with Corbin Cabins turned out” – John, Chicago IL

Know what I mean?

4. Educate Your Audience using happy lower level employees

One of the most effective ways to show your company as a leader in your space — and knowledgeable as heck — is for your people just like you and me to share their own knowledge and educate your audience.

Maybe you’re not a technology company, but don’t think this can’t still apply to you. You might share how to arrange flowers, or how to save money on your taxes, etc. There are endless educational topics in your space that your audience will find useful. Plus, this will help them build respect for and knowledge of your brand, which never hurts!

5. Let the audience know where you came from

People love to see the background of a place that they are about to hire.   It gives them a “i’m just like you” feeling and that helps develop trust when it comes to making important buying decisions.

6. Blog in the Medium Your Audience Craves

Video Marketing For Business

It’s amazing how many people love to watch video content. Like really … it’s the medium buyers crave. And they’ll click on that little triangular play button any chance they get.

So why not add more of the content they like to your blog to get them coming back for more? Video blogs don’t have to be Top of the line production value. Record a video blog by using your webcam while sitting in your office or a meeting room. Or even use your iPhone to record some thoughts while you’re walking down the street!


7. Show Your “Production” Process

Did I mention that your audience cares about who you are as a business? Showing “behind-the-scenes” is another way to give them a real picture of who you are and where their purchase is coming from.   People want to see the effort it takes to bring them productions and services.   They want to feel like they received value when they make a purchase.

While at first, this may seem to apply only to companies selling physical products, you could certainly adapt this video type for a service-based or software company by showing a timelapse of your developers working all day.

8. Thank Your Customers

Loyalty is critical to the sustainability of your business. Keep your customers around by making them feel happy and appreciated.  Send them a reminder every so often that you’re thankful for them and their support!

This type of video definitely doesn’t have to be super high production value either (although, no one’s going to penalize you if it is!).