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Anything’s Possible

The Limb Possibles are a group of amputees caused by trauma, disease, birth defects, etc.. Limb Possible is a Stand Up Amputee Basketball Team formed to inspire, develop, and bring awareness to communities. Their message is:  Anything’s Possible! Limb Possible currently has members training and competing in various events and sports across New York City.  Find out

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5 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2019

1. Social Listening Social Listening (monitoring) is the act of crawling the web and social media platforms to find all mentions of a brand (or any other keywords). This includes untagged Brand mentions on social media, mentions of industry keywords that signal the interest to buy a product, mentions on blogs, forums, and news sites.

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TOP 3 Online TV & Video Trends in 2018

Social Media Platforms will start to deliver Television type videos OTT Providers such as Hulu and Youtube gaining traction in subscription based TV. Connected TV advertising will grow to 195 Million or 58% of the population If you do not have an online video about your business on your website and social media, you are

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Video Content Using LinkedIn

This is a welcome change that really should have happened years ago. People use LinkedIn to show off their company culture and events, and trying to squeeze updates into one Photos aren’t enough. Show off your business with this new feature. 2. Native Video Content (Original Video Content) One of our social media predictions for

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