To determine whether using the green screen technique is right for you, consider the following pros and cons.

The Use of Green Screens

The green screen technique, or Chroma Keying, entails shooting your subject agains a green or blue backdrop. During the editing process, an image is superimposed onto the background to create a different environment. This gives viewers the illusion that the shot was filmed on the final backdrop. This technique has a number of pros and cons therefore, it is important to carefully consider if this method is right for your project.

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Benefits of Green Screens

Time Saver:
One of the main advantages of using green screens is that it can save the videography team a lot of time. By using this technique, video shoots can be done at one location as opposed to transporting people and equipement to a number of various locations.

Saves the Inconvenience of Shooting on Site:
Traveling to various locations is not only time consuming and expensive, but it can also lack infrastructer, be crowded and noisy, or have unfavorable climates. With the green screen technique, you can shoot in a studio and edit in the location backgrounds. This saves a significant amount of time, energy, and money.

Disadvantages of Green Screens

Difficult Process:
While the green screen process seems fairly straightforward, doing it correctly can be challenging. The biggest hurdle is ensuring you have even lighting. Without that, the editing software cannot properly remove the colored screen and superimpost the final image.

Editing Becomes More Time Consuming:
With a more complex, time consuming editing process, your cost also increases. Not only do you need more powerful editing tools, you also need more time to reder and export your video files.

Sometimes this effect can come off as unnatural due to mismatches of scale, perspective, and color temperature.


When considering whether or not to use the green screen effect, it is best to proceed only if you are certain that the benefits substantially outweight the drawbacks.

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